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Pros and Cons of Having Stained Glass Installed in Your Cabin House

Using stained glass in the interior design of log cabins has become almost traditional as this type of glass fits wooden homes extremely well. However, it’s entirely different from the common transparent glass when used for windows – both in structure and in primary qualities – and before choosing the stained glass for your log home it’s better to evaluate all the pros and cons in advance.

Main Advantages of Having Stained Glass Among Log Home Restoration Supplies

If you are hesitating whether to include the stained glass into your log home interior or not, learning its strong sides may convince you and make your decision grounded.

Wide Variety of Design Decisions

In addition to windows design, the stained glass may be used in decorating your doors and wall, and even in placing some small accents like lamps and vases. The wide range of colors, shapes and styles leave enough room for the flight of your creative thought as well.

Sophisticated Appearance

Stained glass windows can look like actual pieces of art and make the atmosphere of your log home outstanding and luxurious. In case if the general design is relatively plain, such windows will add a zest.

Privacy Feature

If you care for privacy matters, including stained glass into your log home restoration supplies list will solve this problem. The privacy advantage comparing to transparent windows is quite obvious.

log-home2Reduction of Excessive Light

Another good reason to turn your attention to stained glass is building your house in a warm region with a plenty of sunlight during a year. Stained glass will significantly diminish the light access to your rooms and select the cold shades of glass will enhance the effect. Also, choose the proper log home sealants that don’t block ventilation.

Possible Shortcomings of Stained Glass Windows

It’s necessary to learn all the possible disadvantages beforehand as well and, which is more important, to understand do they look like cons for you.

Less Insulating

Stained glass is not very durable so all you can do is to get the best quality you can find. Weatherall is an American supplier that can help you obtain the high-quality log home materials including the stained glass.

Limiting of access to the views

Unfortunately, if your log house faces some picturesque landscapes, you won’t be able to enjoy them through your stained-glass windows. That’s why to think beforehand if the views do matter for you. In the case of a poor view, of course, it’s not a question at all and can be considered more as an advantage than a shortcoming.

Difficulties in cleaning

Not all cleaning products are appropriate for cleaning the stained glass. Some of them can easily damage or even ruin its structure. Moreover, such kind of glass is easily scratched. Study all the precautions and specific requirements before cleaning your stained glass items or simply hire a professional to keep them clean.

Heaviness for the eyes

It’s OK to feast your eyes on such windows from time to time but think a good deal if you are ready to see them constantly. Stained glass looks cluttered, which is heavy for the visual perception and different colors add even more load. Also, only simple and natural design seems to be suitable for such windows and décor details – otherwise, the whole interior might look like a museum.